CALI Author

We're bringing CALI Author to the web. To get early access to CALI Author Web fill out this form and we'll let you know when it's ready.

CALI Author is our lesson authoring software. You can use it to edit lessons or to create completely new ones.

CALI Author is a Windows-only program. It will not work on Apple/MacBooks.

Download CALI Author here.

While the lessons you see in our Library of Lessons are commissioned by CALI, faculty and staff at CALI member organizations can use CALI Author to write new lessons or even customize old ones for non-commericial purposes with a feature called AutoPublish.

CALI Author has many features that help lesson authors create - and students use - lessons. Check out what's new in this release and what you can do in CALI Author.

To get started, follow our getting started guide. Or watch one in a series of CALI Webinar tutorials on authoring CALI Lessons below.

CALI Author is available for download here. It is updated and refined on a regular basis. Updates and patches can be found here. Any other questions about CALI Author may be sent to

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