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Write an eLangdell® casebook or chapter

This is your chance to be recognized as a pioneer of the open, digital casebook.  eLangdell® Press publishes open casebooks, casebook chapters and supplements for law schools to adopt and use in their classes. After review and editing by our Editorial Committee and CALI staff, casebooks are given a Creative Commons license that allows them to be remixed and reused by law professors and students without fear of copyright violations. The books are then published DRM-free in a variety of digital formats (compatible with almost every reader) on the CALI eLangdell® Press website and available for download at absolutely no cost to students or professors. In most cases, they even come in print! 

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More Details on Proposals and Publishing:

  • Proposals are subject to review and approval by an editorial committee.
  • Casebook or Casebook chapters previously self-published (e.g. via SSRN) will be considered.
  • Authors must be tenured or tenure track faculty at a CALI member school. (At present, CALI is focused on resources for US law schools.)
  • Compensation for individual chapters will be $500 per chapter. Compensation for full books will be negotiated separately for each book.
  • Your finalized chapter or book should include end-of-chapter comments and questions and teaching notes (i.e., a teaching manual) to assist other faculty in the adoption of your material.
  • Third Party IP in final versions of accepted chapters or books must be cleared by Author and must permit distribution with a Creative Commons license.
  • Your proposal should include:
    • Author’s current CV.
    • For a book proposal, we request a sample chapter OR a very detailed outline of a chapter and written exercise that you have provided your students in the past. Additionally, we request an outline for the entire book. We prefer to NOT receive a law review article as a writing sample.
    • For a chapter proposal, we request a draft version of the full chapter. 
    • A brief statement detailing why you have chosen eLangdell® Press as your publisher.
    • Please indicate if the chapter or book is already completed and in use, in progress or in the idea stage.
  • 2018 deadlines for submission of completed casebooks (still expected to go through CALI's extensive peer review process) or proposals for either chapters or casebooks are as follows:
    • June 25, 2018
    • August 31, 2018
    • November 09, 2018
    • ​​Additional dates will be announced for 2019. 
  • You may sign up here for updates on eLangdell Press, including notices for acceptance for new proposals here.
  • Send proposals & questions about eLangdell Press to Deb Quentel, CALI Director of Curriculum Development: email: dquentel at or 312-906-5353.